Pledge of Support for Nondiscrimination in Pennsylvania: Updating Pennsylvania’s 1955 Human Relations Act

As employers of thousands of Pennsylvanians in every region of the state, we believe the best way to foster and support a growing economy is to attract the best and brightest talent to   work in the Keystone State. Successful businesses across the nation understand the importance of fostering a workplace that is welcoming to all people. In fact, more members of the business community are making nondiscrimination part of their business model. Recent reports show that 91 percent of Fortune 500 companies including all 18 Fortune 500 companies located in Pennsylvania have sexual orientation nondiscrimination policies.
We believe updating Pennsylvania’s nondiscrimination law will make the state a stronger economic competitor in attracting the highly skilled millennial workforce. Updating the law to include sexual orientation and gender identity and expression will ensure Pennsylvania’s businesses can attract and retain the best and the brightest talent.  
Every year thousands of students graduate from Pennsylvania schools that are among the best schools in the nation. We want to keep the bright, young talent here to make our economy strong and to make sure Pennsylvania will grow and prosper for decades. Pennsylvania’s current and future workforce deserves to be judged based on their qualifications to do their work - nothing more, nothing less.  Let’s work together to ensure that Pennsylvania is open for business for everyone and is as vibrant as possible in attracting qualified workers. 
By signing the pledge below, we support the principles of this statement:

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